Patricia DiVello is the daughter of Edward and May who were originally potato farmers. With humble beginnings she now fills her 20 acre farm with over 24 different varieties of berries! Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries grow alongside the endless fields of colorful blooms. The flower garden is not open for public picking like the berries but feel free to look around at our delicate jewels and working bees.

Patricia is truly a matriarch as well. Being a woman has not stopped

her from prospering in a male domineered lined of work. Fixing tractors and moving water pipes is nothing new for Patricia. She has worked extremely hard along with her helpful team of Patty's

Berries & Bunches buddies to make her customers happy.

When asked why did she decide such a labor intensive career

Patricia responded, “It feels so rewarding when you see

the little seeds you planted, watered and weeded grow into

beautiful crops. It brings me happiness to know that my end product is in someone’s home making them happy.”

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Photography by Thomas Hug

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